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Empowering the minority communities


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is Cybergram Yojana project/ initiative ?

Ans. Cyber Gram initiative under Multi- sectoral Development Programme of Ministry of Minority Affaires is an effort to equip the targeted group with knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and enabling them to use ICT services in their day to day work.

Q. Who are targeted beneficiaries/ group?

Ans. The initiative intends to cover students of Class VI to Class X belonging to Minority Community notified, as per Section 2(c) of the National Commission for Minority Act 1992, and residing in areas covered under Multi-sectoral Development Programme.

Q. What is primary objective of the program?

Ans. Its primary objective is to provide hands-on training in computers for the students of Minority Community and to enable them to acquire basic ICT skills that would empower them.

Q. How will this program be implemented?

Ans. State minority affairs department in collobration with CSC-SPV submit the proposal with name of minority concentrated madrasas/schools mapped with CSC training centers to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, GoI. After getting approval, CSC-SPV is responsible to implement the program and State minority affairs department will monitor the progress of the project.

Q. What is the eligibility criterion for training centre?

Ans. Training center would be having valid CSC id/ OMT id with proven training and facilitation credentials in the domain of education/ IT literacy.They must have sufficient computer infrastructure and internet connectivity and shall facilitate IT infrastructure to the identified madrasas/school in District/Block/Panchayat/Village for the project duration.

Q. Who shall appoint a CSC Training Centre?

Ans. State CSC-SPV team or SCA shall appoint the CSC Training Centers.

Q. Who approves a Training Centre?

Ans. A training centre is approved by the CSC-SPV after scrutiny and login credentials are created, then only a training centre shall be able to login to the cybergram yojana portal.

Q. What are the responsibilities of a training centre?

Ans. 1. Imparting the appropriate training course to beneficiaries eligible under the project, including providing course materials.

2. Registering the beneficiaries, marking the attendance, and conducting the continuous assessment using the OMA-cum-LMS.

3. Keeping a record of all beneficiaries that enroll in the course, certifying their attendance and ensuring that the beneficiary appears for the examination.

4. Providing 30 hours free internet service to passed candidates.

Q. What is the duration of the training program?

Ans. The duration of the training program is 39 hours.

Q. What is the benefit to the candidate?

Ans. After studying 39 hours course and clearing the online assessment, candidates will be certified by NIELIT with certificate of Basic of Computer Concept.

Q. What are the training fees under cybergra yojana?

Ans. If the candidate passes the exam, a training centre will get 600 INR per candidate as training fees and 450 INR per candidate is keep internet service/ Voucher fees. Payment will be made only for candidates who pass the examination. 

Q. What are different login portals?

Ans. Training center will use www.cybergramyojana.in/center for registration process and downloading study material. www.cybergramyojana.in/student is to complete online assessment and take exam for student. Madrasas/School head will use www.cybergramyojana.in/admin to approve students. CSC-SPV will provide login credential to CSC training centers and school heads. Student will get registration number/username and password after registration by training centers.

Q. Who should a training centre contact if it comes across any challenges during the implementation of the project?

Ans. Any Training centre can contact helpline number 180030003468 (ext. 924/913) for any query.

Q. How can VLE/ Training center share thier story of change with us?

Ans. Training centers may share/like thoughts on facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CyberGram-Yojana-995554617121461/) . They can also submit a url of video clip / event photos as "story of change" through form and mobile app. For more information go on http://www.cybergramyojana.in/stories-of-change.html