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Empowering the minority communities


Overview of CyberGram Yojana

Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) aims at improving the socio-economic conditions of minorities and providing basic amenities to them for improving the quality of life of the people and reducing imbalances in the identified minority concentration areas. As we are living in a digital society, it is felt that to achieve the objective of programme, it is necessary to equip the targeted group with knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and enabling them to use ICT services in their day to day work. This will bring them greater access to information and new forms of social interaction and cultural expression which ultimately leads to achieve objective of programme.  The Cyber Gram initiative under Multi- sectoral Development Programme is an effort in achieving this target. 

The initiative intends to cover students of Class VI to Class X belonging to Minority Community notified, as per Section 2(c) of the National Commission for Minority Act 1992, and residing in areas covered under Multi-sectoral Development Programme.   The vision of this initiative is to make students of minority communities digitally literate.  The initiative is expected to enable the adoption of ICTs by the people of minority communities in key economic and social sectors like Education, Rural Development and Financial Services to promote competitiveness, equality and quality and would be helpful in transforming the life of minorities and facilitating them to earn a livelihood.

Its primary objective is to provide hands-on training in computers for the students of Minority Community and to enable them to acquire basic ICT skills that would empower them to: